We are a group of Fellowship Parents who want to ensure that all parents of current and former students at Fellowship Day School have access to important information and resources related to the recent arrest of Alyson Saunders, a teacher at the school, for crimes she commited against students under her care.  She was employed at the school for five years. 

This site will serve as a central location for updates associated with the case, contact information for investigators, links to advocacy resources that can help us talk with our children about what happened, mental health care services for families who desire it, as well as opportunities to connect with a community of parents from Fellowship who can offer support.  As families process and navigate through the coming months, we hope to alleviate some of the labor by sharing the information and resources we have collected. 

We are not associated with Fellowship Day School or Fellowship Presbyterian and do not speak for them, but do hope we can work closely with both the school and church moving forward, as our only goal is to support the children and familiies who were exposed to Alyson over the last five years. 

Stay Connected. 

This site will be fully operational soon, and we anticipate launching by the end of the week.


If you want to be updated once we go live, please use the contact form and we will send you an email!